Shipping Guide


If you’re new to shipping, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to make importing and exporting a little bit easier.

Make sure the measurements and weight of your cargo is accurate.

People regularly under or over-estimate the size and weight of the items they are shipping. Getting this wrong often leads to unexpected costs or paying more than you should be doing. To avoid this, whenever you are get a quote from a freight forwarder, be sure to give the exact dimensions, weight and quantity of the items.
If you’re planning to have your goods crated before exporting them, this will add to both the size and weight so the price is almost certain to be higher.  

Beware of bulky items.

Transport prices are calculated based on the weight or the volume of the goods, whichever is the greater. If your cargo is light but bulky, a price you may have received per kg or per tonne may turn out not to be valid. When obtaining a price, be sure to give both the weight and size of your shipment to avoid unexpected costs later on.  Our online prices will take into account both the weight and size of your shipment before giving a quote.

Compare sea and air freight prices

If you are sending a small shipment, air freight may work out cheaper than sea freight. Even if the price is slightly higher, it may be worth sending product samples out by air allowing potential buyers to get back to you much quicker with firm orders. Our FreightMachine rate calculator will give you both options to areas where we have both a sea and air service.

Always compare like for like prices

Freight forwarders tend to give prices in different ways, depending on how much of a service they offer.  Rates are usually offered either up to a destination port or airport or through to the final destination. The latter will usually be more expensive but may be cheaper overall than a rate up to a port/airport plus the costs that are added for the final part of the delivery.  If you receive a low price for a shipment and it seems too good to be true, the chances are that it is and it doesn’t include all the charges.
Under the terms you have with your supplier / buyer, it may already be specified how much of the transport you are responsible for whether it’s up to a port or airport or on a door to door basis.

Have your documentation ready

To avoid unnecessary delays, you should prepare your documentation in good time for the arrival or departure of your shipment. Although we don’t charge for short term storage at our premises, any shipments delayed at the port/airport will start incurring storage costs shortly after arrival.

Insuring your cargo

Amiri Cargo offers insurance for all types of shipments. It’s entirely your choice whether to insure your cargo or not but we recommend it for all expensive and fragile items.
Without insurance, your freight forwarder will only reimburse you up to a certain amount per kg, assuming they trade by recognised terms of their own or of a recognised freight association such as Bifa. Amiri Cargo is a member of Bifa, our terms and conditions can be seen here.

Prepare your goods for export

Customers seem unsure whether to have goods crated for export as timber crates add weight and volume to your shipment. Crating is recommended for fragile and / or expensive items. Keep in mind that proper packing is often a requirement for any freight insurance policy you take out.

Keep the size of your pallets down

Pallets over 1.55m high won’t fit in the majority of aircraft cargo holds.  This means that choices of airlines are often limited so the price tends to be higher.  
Sea and road transport is not as bad; pallets can be up to 2.20m high.

Beware when buying goods on a C&F UK Port basis

You may find that overseas suppliers offer low shipping prices up to the destination port in the UK. We often hear of companies having to pay considerable extra charges to get their shipments released in the UK - making the cheap price they thought they were getting not so cheap after all. Our FreightMachine provides prices up to your door so you know in advance how much the shipment will cost.